Tuesday, August 16, 2011

End of Summer

Hi Family and Friends,
Just a little update on how the summer is coming to a close.  I have 2 more days at home and start meetings for work on Wed and the 1st day of school is Mon.  I am trying not to stress too much about it and enjoying these last days to the fullest.  Still going on morning walks with Harper and Gracy, making breakfast and lunch at home and cuddling with Harper. 

Reading with Dad


Cruising at Farmer's Market

Harper is becoming a little more regular, he def has his long nap in the morning.  We have established a nightime routine that starts about 8 when we give him a bottle, then it is bathtime and a massage, pjs and then I nurse him before putting him in his crib for the night.  He has been going down relatively easy in his crib, though we did have to work for that, now he doesn't really fuss at bedtime and falls asleep pretty quickly:)  Brendan and I try to watch a little tv but usually go to sleep soon after since we are both tired.  He has pretyy long stretches of sleep, sometimes up to 10+ hrs, but once in awhile still wants a feeding at 4-5 in the morning.  Harper had done a roll-over or two on his 3 month bday, but in the past week has mastered the back to tummy roll over.  We were both very excited, but now the worry has come since last night he slept on his belly pretty much the whole evening and had both mom and dad freaking out, but he was fine.  He has always been super strong, so I guess it is just a matter of time before he starts crawling, he def shows all of the signs of wanting to! 
Loving Sophie the giraffe and his piano

Getting too long for his giraffe mat

As for the family...my mom, dad, nephew Logan, Brendan, Harper and I headed over to Cambria last Thur-Tues and had such a great time.  We enjoyed the great weather and views at the beach.  We were able to visit a few wineries and tasting rooms.  The best was a free concert at Castoro Wineries, where we brought a picnic lunch.  Harper was a great baby and really went with all of the traveling.  Logan is such a great helper with the baby, especially in the car where he is always there to soothe Harper if he gets upset!  He was also great with helping give him a bottle:)  There were some great restaurants we visited with lots of great food including Main Street Grill, Indigo Moon, The Black Cat, The French Corner Bakery, Linns...can't wait to go back for a visit.  This past week Brendan's brother Matt and his family have been visiting so we have had lots of bbqs, swimming, a family reunion with the Tweedy side and a big bday celebration for all of the cousins born in the summer (pretty much all the kids except Lauren and Harper). Also was able to see my cousin Adriane visiting from VA and her brother Brian from FL. 
Indigo Moon, Cambria

Family Dinner, The Black Cat

Cousin Love!

Most of the Tweedy cousins

Girl cousins can't get enough of Harper!

Updates/Milestones for Harper:
-smiles all of the time (love those toothless grins)
-laughs out loud
-squeals and babbling
-grabs items above and in front of him
-tracks people and voices in the room
-recognizes all the important people in his life
-rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy (back to tummy is his fav)
-pushes all the way up on arms
-sleeps an average of 10 hours a night, many times without having to feed or be soothed
-newest thing is rolling over onto tummy to sleep at night in his crib (which makes for a very nervous Mom and Dad)
-makes all the motions to get ready to crawl
-4 month check-up-17.4 lb (big boy) and 25 inches long