Friday, May 11, 2012

May 2012

Hi all!
This past weekend we took part in the annual Angel Babies Walk and walked for Team Hayden-Jeff and Kaila's son.  It took place at Fresno State.  It was such a nice event and very organized with lots of activities for all.  It was so encouraging to see so many people there in support and to know that people are not alone in facing miscarriages, stillborns and infant loss.  After the walk, there was a children's cake walk and Harper one the 1st number called and then shortly after the other 2 boys in our group won as well, including my nephew Logan.
Part of the group

Cake Walk with Daddy
Cupcake winner!
That evening Stacie, Kaila and I took part in the Clovis Wine Walk around downtown and had a great time!  The boys (Brendan, Harper, Chris and Logan) did boys movie night at home.  They also went to see Avengers the next day while we watched the kids, so everyone got some adult time:)
Me, Stacie and Kaila
Brendan, Harper and I have really been enjoying our backyard lately with lots of bbqs with friends and neighbors.  The weather has been so nice and we have even been able to start using some of the garden produce Brendan has grown.  He bought a fire pit as well and we did s'mores one night with Julie and Nathan's boys (Cole and Baron) and that was definitely a hit!  Harper and Baron are 2 months apart and hard to tell apart when behind them since they are little blondies.

My mom arrived in France last week and my dad will meet her in the middle of the month for another 2 weeks.  But before my dad goes to meet her he will join Jeff and Kaila and their family in Maui for about 5 days, must be nice to have a retirement like theirs!

The puppies are growing fast and getting chunky!  They all have their eyes open, walking around, and starting their little barks.  They go CRAZY when Gracy gets in the box, almost like they have been starved.  Soon enough with the weather getting nicer, they will be moved out on the side of the house during the day.

This past week we have lots of family help while my mom is in France and Kaila is in Maui.  My sis-in-law Stacie and my mother-in-law Donna have helped soooo much with helping with Harper.  I can't say how much I appreciate their willingness to lend a hand.  I love having family close to us!

Harper update:
-saying a lot more and copying words, especially the last syllable of what you are saying
-says diddy for daddy
-signing more, please and milk
-says duck a lot for many things
-When you ask: Harper-go get your shoes?  or Where is the ball? Bring me a book...he will go get it and pick it up
-LOVES outside and throws tantrums when you don't let him go out into the back
-hugs the puppies
-really adjusting well to cow's milk
-getting a new top and bottom tooth
-off antibiotics (from a hand and ear infection) thank goodness so hopefully the diaper rash goes away!!!