Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Girl Rhames

My good friends Andrea, Nicole and Julie threw an intimate baby shower for Baby Girl Rhames in June.  Some of my immediate family and closest friends here in town attended.  It was at Max's Restaurant and it turned out perfectly:)  The decor, food and company were wonderful and it was a blessing to have this new baby already showered in love.  Lots of cute, girly clothes and colors on hand.
Julie, Me, Nicole and Andrea


Harper and mommy

Mom and Me

Nicole, Me and Michelle

One of the customized monthly onesies made by Artsy Fartsy aka Ari

The ladies

Andrea and me (friends since the 1st grade!)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer '13

Wow-Summer has flown by and I have been meaning to blog for soooo long and haven't gotten around to it.  School ended on a good note in June, I had some really good kids this last year and I always miss how nice it is at then end of the year to know all the students as opposed to the beginning of the year when I am trying to learn 185+ kids names and get them into a routine.  My homeroom graduated, here were their parting gifts (side by side pics of when they were freshmen and seniors).

Our 4th Anniversary was June 19th, so I planned a surprise getaway for Brendan while my parents graciously agreed to watch Harper.  Brendan had no idea where we were going, at one point he had convinced himself it was LA.  I booked the Cliffs in Shell Beach (Pismo).  We drove over and as soon as as we took the 41 South, he realized it wan't LA, but still didn't know the end location.  On the way we stopped at Bianchi Winery, where we are members, for a taste (Brendan of course, not me:( )  Then we stopped for lunch at the Side Car in SLO.  Finally we landed in Shell Beach mid afternoon and the weather was beautiful.  We walked down to the beach while our room was being made up.  That night we had dinner at the Cracked Crab, one of the crab was def our fav.  On our actual anniversary day we had breakfast and then I surprised Brendan with a couple's massage at our hotel, so relaxing!  That afternoon we headed over to walk the Bob Jone's Trail in Avila and stopped along the way for lunch.  In Avila we walked the beachfront and did some more wine tasting:)  For dinner we went to Giusseppe's and it was delicious, we ended at the Ventana Grill for mud pie (which I have to say is now on my list for top desserts.)  On the way back home we took sandwiches to go from DePalo&Sons deli (where I worked one year in college) and headed to some wineries in SLO that Brendan hadn't visited before.

As far as Harper this summer he is out of daycare, so we booked him for some activities.  He still attends MyGym, which he loves, every week.  We also enrolled him in Jan Thomas Swim School, where I attended as a little girl.  It is pretty close to where we live, hard to imagine when I went there it was considered to be in the middle of nowhere.  He cried the first day, which the school said is completely normal, though for us it was shocking since Harper is so outgoing and doesn't usually cry in new situations.  Funny though when he got home and Brendan asked him how swimming went, Harper responded "fun" and that he was ready to go back the next day!  His teacher was named Ms. Morgan and Harper loved her and was such a charmer, telling her "you're so pretty!", so of course she loved Harper as well.  He is quite the fish and can swim pretty well now, jump into the pool from outside and either swim to you across the pool or turn around and swim to the edge, then get down to the steps. 

Some of the funny things Harper has been saying lately crack me up:
-Harper says he has a kitty in his nose, I asked what color he said red. Then he said its a superman one;)
-We pull into the driveway and he says we're home, we made it!
-Harper and I are talking about the baby in my belly and he points to it and says there are bees and ladybugs inside it!
-Boots is Dora's sidekick
-At the circus when we were all clapping Harper yelled out "bravo"!
-He said "I want the robot monster toy." I said where is it? He said at the store, lets go get it!
-On the phone with daddy this morning, daddy asked what he had for breakfast and Harper said-cake! Too bad he had eggs and bacon!
-We put a shirt on he had never worn and it didn't match his batman shorts, it says I'm cute, moms beautiful, dads lucky! I say to Brendan oh your sis Erin got that shirt and Harper says, no it's for baby sister!

-He was having a conversation with his dragon Toothless and went in to the dining room and came back without him and told me Toothless was in time out, I asked why, and he said because he was hitting.

For the 4th of July we headed up to the cabin in Shaver with Brendan's sister Erin and her family.  I was nice to get out of the oppresive heat in Clovis.  Harper had a ton of fun with his cousins Conor and Lauren.  We did lots of bbqing and went into town a few times, once for some icecream. 

My mom rented a house in Cambria for 10 days, so she, Harper and I headed over and my dad and Brendan joined us a few days later.  It was so wonderful to enjoy the coastal weather and views and the beach. We had lots of walks through the hills, on the beach and downtown.  We visited SLO, Morro Bay and Avila.  It was great relaxation and an escape from the heat.  Hope to make that a yearly tradition:)

Tootless after being found and left on the trail, thank goodness for nice people:)

*I will post about Baby Girl Rhames shower later...