Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March has already come and I feel like gone, even though we do have about 2 weeks left!  Since announcing to family and friends about our addition in Aug, it has been fun to let others know at work, especially my students.  Who would think that a bunch of teenagers would care, but they are always so excited about it. Most of my close co-workers I told back in Feb, but I just told my classes in the past week.  One of the funnier moments was how my principal found out.  This year we have a new principal, who is male and it wasn't quite the same to tell him as it was when our old principal, a woman, a great person, and someone I felt close to about being pregnant.  So the day I had just started to tell some people at work was also the day we had staff development and staff yoga.  I had told the yoga instructor ahead of class that I was pregnant and there was only a small group of us in class.  Well at one point Tim, our principal, came in about 15 min late and joined.  The teacher was explaining a pose and telling me directly, "This is great for the baby, it will really open you up, blah blah blah, so I had to turn to the principal and say "by the way, I'm having a baby!"  It got a good laugh from all:) 

For Valentine's Day we celebrated with our yearly picnic on the living room floor.  It was very nice and laid back and Harper enjoyed us all being on the quilt on the floor, though we had to be careful with our glasses. 
My Valentine


I was able to take a trip by myself to LA to visit Katie and go to a event for The Walking Dead, where we were able to listen to the actors do a round table discussion and then the audience was able to ask quesitons.  Out of about the 2,000 people there I was one of about 6 to get the chance to ask a question, which was nerve-racking, but cool.  I asked about Rick's big Colt Plython revolver and it got lots of laughs, Brendan had suggested it for its originality and it worked, no one else asked about guns-lol!  The rest of the weekend was spent with leisure, Katie and I were able to go to yoga, get our nails down, go out to eat, shop, hike and have breakfast in Malibu at Duke's, overall a terrific weekend.  Thank you to Brendan for watching Harper all weekend:)
Link to TheWalking Dead Paley Fest we attended(over an hour long), it was shown in movie theaters around the country, I'm towards the end and one of the last questions: http://www.hulu.com/#!watch/462699
Paley Fest-Walking Dead

Walking to yoga on Larchmont

Katie and I at the Grove

I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday. On Friday I had students bring me Starbucks, cupcakes with apples on them and sing Happy Birthday, they are so sweet!:)  That evening we had a bunch of close friends and their kids over for Italian food, so much yummy stuff, I was defintiely full.  One of Brendan's gifts to me was Apples to Apples, which I am not sure how we didn;t already have it in the closet, so we played and it was pretty hilarious!  Sat morning we headed to Monterey to visit Chris, Stacie and Logan since we hadn't been to their new house since they moved.  We had dinner at this great restaurant up the coast called Phil's Fish Market and then played on the beach for a bit during sunset.  We headed back and played Monopoly while Harper watched Toy Story (thank god for the kindle).  It was really fun to relax and just hang out.  Stacie made me an amazing lemon cake-my fav!  Sun morning we went down to a French bakery and grabbed a bite then took a long walk along the pier and then to cannery row along the great path they have.  When we were done, it was time to head back so Harper could sleep on the ride home.  Next time we will go for the whole weekend, it was way to short.  On the way into town we stopped by a friend's bday party at Chucky Cheese, Harper had a good time, but was pretty cranky due to a short nap.  He was still talking about Chucky Cheese for a few days. 
Teacher cupcakes

Tasty seafood
Moss Landing

Mischievous look (don't mind the dirty face)
Sleeping in the bed with mom and dad-treat!
Last weekend was spent here in town, but was quite busy.  We had a Mickey and Minnie party for 3 year old twins (right at naptime, so Harper lasted an hour), then off to another party that evening to celebrate my sis-in-law Erin's marriage to Joe.  Harper had a blast running around and was trying to convince all that he could swim, we had to keep steering him away since if he could he would have jumped in, he even threw in his green latern toy to try and go retrieve it.  (He starts swim lessons again this week).  He was a big fan of the kid table with all the little pb&j sandwhiches cut up, he kept going over there and grabbing them and munching on them, I think he ate 10!
Little Leprechaun

Next weekend-Baby Hudson's (Kaila and Jeff's baby boy) shower and Jeff's diaper poker party, my brother and my birthday brunch at my mom's and the beginning of Spring Break!

Harper updates:
-Talking up a storm and asking and answering all kinds of questions and definitely has use of complete sentences.
-When you ask him a question like who is going to be a big brother, instead of saying I am, he says I do
-Can sing the alphabet and twinkle twinkle all by himself
-Can count in Spanish and English to 10 with help
-Can understand lots of questions in Spanish
-Weighs about 30 lbs
-Has been sick off and on with colds for what seems like FOREVER! (Maybe allergies now?)
-Calls his little sister Baby Booey
-Is very good with kids at daycare, not so gentle with my friends little ones (those younger than him), we have to work on that since he has 5 months to learn before his sister is here
-Has a hard time with loss-when someone leaves, stopping an activity
-Loves milk still and gets so excited when you give him a cup
-When he falls now he immediatley says "I'm okay", even if no one has asked
-Loves the garbage (or any truck) and saw one recently and said "That's cool!"
Baby Girl updates:
This week-19 weeks
-feeling much better, not as tired or sick (though it could help that I don't have a stomach virus or sinus infection anymore)
-big ultrasound Thur (my mom will get to come for the first time)
-movements for the past 2 weeks or so
-still not showing much (but earlier than with Harper), but def not wanting to wear my work pants anymore
Same orchard-3 years later!