Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting into the groove

I headed back to school in August.  It has been way harder than I ever thought to leave Harper behind, even though I know he is in great hands with his Nana and Auntie Kaila.  When people ask me at work how it is going sometimes I have to tell myself "don't cry Cathleen" and just plaster  smile on my face and think happy thoughs.  Even though I work shorter days than most as a teacher I still catch myself counting the hours down until I get to see him.  My mom was soooo helpful the first few weeks back by coming over everyday and watching Harper, doing laundry, washes dishes and making dinner...wish I could hire her full time! 
Last week Harper started going to Kaila's on Tues/Wed/Thur and that has been great, he always has a good time there and it is relieving to know he is happy and safe.  There have been some hiccups along the way like forgetting the diaper bag, my belt for my dress, etc, but I am getting the hang of the juggling act. 
                                        Auntie Kaila's house

I look foward to my Mondays, since Nana comes over then and I don't have to wake Harper up before he is ready or take him anywhere.  Fridays are my treat days since Brendan is home I can leave a little early and swing by Starbucks for my weekly coffee (still decaf, but I love the flavor).  We had a nice visit from Laura over Labor Day weekend and also a nice bbq with our friends LaShawn and Oliver. 
Last weekend we celebrated Nicole's 30th with a nice dinner and Auntie Erin came over and watched Harper.  It is so wonderful to have such a helpful and supportive family and we really appreciate all the love shared. 
Nicole, Andrea and me

This past Thur I took my club of students to San Francisco for a big 20 year event celebration at City Hall, they had so much fun seeing famous chef demonstrations, dressing up and receiving awards.  The down side was arriving back in Fresno at midnight and getting 4 1/2 hrs of sleep before work on Fri. 
This Sat is my college friend Julia's baby shower, the Boots' are expecting a little girl-can't wait to see all the clothes!  My mom is heading up with me to help with Harper and we are staying over at her best friend Sheila's house in Danville.  Looking foward to some girl time. 

Last but not least-lots of babies on their way, I have 2 friends due in Nov, 1 in Jan, 1 in Feb and 2 in March:)

Harper's progress:
Now 5 months, but at 4 month checkup-17 lb 4 oz and 25 inches
loving his bouncer seat

tracking/following intently people in the room and the dog and cat
turning when he hears his name
sleeping 10 plus hrs straight(830-630/7) in his crib-halleluia
huge push ups and moving around on belly
sleeping tummy down, butt in air

giggling/laughing/squealing (with dad)

watching intently all the food we eat
getting ready for solids at 6 months
pushing up and smiling when you walk into room to pick him up after nap/sleep