Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter '11

Hi everyone,

It has been quite awhile since I have been one hear although I have been meaning to write for awhile:) We have been quite busy this past month and half.  In November we traveled to Palm Springs for my dad's world team tennis national finals...and they won the championship-so it was very exciting.  We also were able to celebrate Brendan's bday with a dinner out while my mom and dad watched Harper.  We stayed in a really nice condo and took lots of walks in the beautiful weather.  The drive was quite long, but Harper did great except about 30 minutes from arriving home there was a bit of a meltdown, but a bottle def helped! 

Dad and his team-National Champions!

Over verteran's day weekend we had a Rhames' Family reunion at Brendan's dad's house and it was great to bring everyone together and share some good food and laughs, Brendan and I also hosted a late night cousins' night at our house afterwards and that always leads to good stories and pictures.  Harper was able to meet much of the family for the 1st time and his godmother Katie as well! 

Grampsie Rhames and Grandpa Colby

Thanksgiving was very low key and cozy for us this year, no rushing around to a million houses, we went to my mom and dad's along with Brendan's parents and had a fabulous dinner prepared by mom who always goes all out hosting.  The following Sunday we went over to Brendan's sister's and had another turkey dinner along with some homemade pies made by his grandma. 

Dec 3rd we had Harper baptized at OLPH with Oliver as his godfather and Katie as his godmother.  My mom hosted the breakfast afterwards at our house and food was phenomenal, everyone raved over the strata she served.  Harper did a good job, considering it was his naptime. 

Dad and Harper before the ceremony

Godparents Katie and Oliver

Hanging out after the baptism relaxing

We are gearing up for the holiday season, which seems to be coming full steam ahead.  Unfortunately I usually have a week off before it actually hits, but this year the powers that be in our district postponed out break and we don't get out until the 22nd, so I will def be rushing around like a mad woman come the 23rd!  Looking foward to all of the festivities, family and food:)

Harper updates:
-he has been crawling since Oct
-stands up on anything
-one hand stands on furniture
-walking along the furniture
-2 bottom teeth out and growing for the last 2 weeks and the beginnig of a top one
-recognizing more people and words
-babbling a lot with things that def sound like dada and baba...
-eating a ton of food (we just blend up whatever we are having in the magic bullet), has never turned his nose up at anything
-loves loves loves Nico the kitty (but it is not a 2-sided street, so not looking foward to that bad ending)
-dancing to music

Eating with Auntie Kaila

showing off his new teeth
I LOVE food!

Look what I can do...better lower the crib all the way
being cute

7 months-11/15/11