Thursday, October 27, 2011


So the weather is finally changing and fall is definitely here…it is so nice to actually have the windows open and enjoy walking on the trail at whatever time during the dayJ  Harper is now in his big boy stroller and can enjoy facing outwards and watching everything that goes by.  Time is flying by and soon enough the holidays will be here. 
Nana and Grandpa
Recently we have had a lot of birthdays to celebrate.  At the beginning of the month Brendan’s grandmother had a birthday and the family celebrated with a surprise party for her at Aunt Laureen’s house and it was definitely a success, she was surprised and we all enjoyed good food and company.  The following weekend was a bbq for friends at our house and Brendan was able to test out his new smoker and the tritip turned out tasty.  We are definitely loving our backyard and now that the weather has turned cooler.  On Oct 16th it was Logan’s 8th birthday party so we all went to Chris and Stacie’s to celebrate and Logan scored with some really great gifts. We also celebrated Brendan's dad's bday at our house with a nice dinner (courtesy of my mom) and cake and Grampsie was kind enough to take Harper's monthly pictures then and the preview for Halloween! 
Logan opening his battleship
Rolling over so much it is hard for photos

On the weekend of the 21st Erika, my cousin who lives in Colorado now, had some business in SF, so she was able to drive down Fri for a weekend visit.  Aunt Pat and Casey also came down on Fri.  My mom made a yummy dinner and brought it over and Chris and Logan joined us and we all enjoyed a cool fall night on the patio.  On Sat Erika, Pat, Casey and I enjoyed a girls day, walking on the trail and going to a French bakery for breakfast.  Later we enjoyed the warm weather in the pool and backyard and that night another bbq courtesy of Brendan, but this time ribs!  I was sad to see everyone leave Sun morning, I wish we all lived closerL 
Erika feeding Harper

This coming weekend is Halloween, we will be having family over on Mon to celebrate and trick or treat through the neighborhood, pretty excited for Harper’s costume and the rest of the family's as well.   Next weekend we are heading to Palm Springs, my dad has a tennis tournament and so invited the family along.  It will be a long ride for Harper in the car, hopefully he will be as good as he has been in the past on road trips-wish us luck!

Harper and Gracy-puppy love:)
Harper's first real crawling, on his hands and knees and not doing the worm!

Harper’s updates:
Has been on hands and knees rocking since September
Started the worm to move forward late Sep/early Oct
Started to crawl steadily on hands and knees in a forward motion Oct 25th
Still sleeping through the night (most nights) about 10 hrs
Sitting steadily on his own
Loves to crawl towards the remote, cell phone or cat
At 6 month checkup: 19lb, 26 ½ inches
Getting ready for solids this weekend
Repeating some noises and consants+vowel sounds
Loves the bjorn still