Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

I always love the month of February, not necessarily for Valentine's Day (though it is cute now to do them with Harper, though he isn't really understanding the idea of giving them away, as he wants to keep them for himself).  I love it because we have 2 Mondays off in a row!  Man, do I really enjoy three day weekends, it feels like 2 days is never enough to recover from the whirlwind of the week. 

We started Bryn on some solids, her first were carrots, like Harper tried as his first food.  She did pretty well though does not have quite the gusto that Harper did for food!, at least not yet.  She is getting the hang of it and has thus far tried sweet potatoes and peas as well.  No allergic reactions, thank goodness.  We are making out own baby food again this time around, though  even more importantly since we don't want any dairy or soy in it:)

Trying some carrots

Although the weather has been amazingly nice, it is crazy how much we need rain for our drought and also to clear the bad air here in the valley.  We finally had a few days of it thankfully!  Here is a pic of Harper in his Batman rain boots and rain jacket.  He loves playing outside in them.  The other day at the park he and his buddy Luke slid down the slide before Andrea or I could get over to them and of course drenched themselves in the leftover puddles at the bottom of the slides, they of course though it was hilarious!

This past weekend we (Brendan) finally got around to building Harper's big boy bed.  For several months or more Harper has been able to climb in and out of his crib.  We bought a bed from IKEA in Dec (that can be used as a bunk bed later), but hadn't had a chance to build it.  For the last week or so Harper would awake in the morning at normal time and then open his door and wait for us to come get him, so we knew it was time.  He was soooo excited.  As Brendan was putting it together, we decided to just flip it up, so that there is a play space under and the bed is on top, since Harper is almost 3 and can climb the ladder just fine, plus the room is so small it allows for more floor space, he know can have a super hero lair under his bed.  The whole day he kept asking if it was ready and finally when it was he was sooooo excited.  We had to go over some rules about jumping on it, opening the blinds and throwing things into the fan.  His Spider-man sheets arrived Wed:)  The first night was a success and he slept through the night no problem and took his 3 hour nap just fine as well.  So glad he is still a good sleeper, as his little sister is NOT!  Obviously we have to move BABY on the wall as he is a BIG BOY now and hang over where Bryn will sleep in Harper's old crib.  We will be moving things around and putting some different pics on the wall as well as we transition the room for both of them to share (which has not happened yet, see below...)

He was ready for her to sleep in the crib that night, but alas, she is still in our room as she still wakes up once or twice or three times a night. I sure miss when she would sleep through the night when she was a few months old. I tried to transition her a few times to the pack and play in my room, but she wasn't having it. She is getting too big for the rock and play, so something has to give soon. This a video of her after she woke up in the middle of the night, fed, fell back asleep and I placed in her in the pack and play. You can't see her, but you can hear her, she loves her voice! She isn't upset, but she is definitely not sleeping, no fun for momma at 2 in the morning!

Valentine's Day was celebrated on Wed at Tia Gracie's house with all of the other kids from daycare because that is the only day all of them attend.  She put on a great little party with the table decorated and they were going to have pizza and decorate cupcakes and have treats, I wanted to stay instead of going to work!  Harper picked out his valentines, of course they were Spider man.

Austin and Harper

They LOVE each other!

My parents are in Puerto Rico, they sent a pic of flying first class, man they know how to live life!  It is too bad they were gone this weekend as my 2 aunts, Pat and Casey, came to visit.  They had yet to meet Bryn, so it was fun to hang out and catch up.  They got to cuddle with her and Harper.  It was also nice to have extra hands around.  On Sat we went and had mani/pedis-so relaxing.  Brendan spent Sat night with his friends at the soccer expo game of LA Galaxy and SJ Quakes.  After my aunts left Harper woke up Mon morning and came into my room and asked: "Where are my Aunties?"  I said they had gone home and he responded "I'm going upstairs to check." LOL!


-Harper was watching a new episode of paw patrol and said "this is not a Christmas episode, Christmas is over, boo!"

-Brendan was feeding Bryn carrots for the 1st time and said "I know it's sweet, I don't know why she's making a face." Then Harper said "let me see her carrot face"

-Harper got his new bed and said-OMG-it is soooo cute!

-I was watching tv and Harper said when I ask you to pause it pause, I asked him why and he said because it hurts my ears.

Bryn updates:
-has tried carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash...maybe we will try some fruit this week
-transitioned to the pack and play
-still not sleeping through the night
-smiling and laughing a lot
-sitting up on her own (falls over after a period of time)
-naps 2 times a
-loves sticking her feet in her mouth
-2 bottom teeth
Two teefers

Little Miss Cal Poly