Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bryn's Baptism and 6 month update

We had Bryn's baptism on March 1st at OLPH, we were a little nervous her special day wouldn't turn out so well.  The Monday before she had her 6 month appt and immunizations.  Well in the middle of the night Tues, she woke with a fever.  After calling and checking in with the doctor office everyday that week we were reassured that it was a natural response and if no other symptoms appeared to just treat with Tylenol if the fever went over 101 or she was fussy.  By Friday the fever had cleared and she was acting pretty normal thank goodness.  Brendan's brother Matt (doctor) says this is a good thing and means her system is doing what it is supposed to in response.

6 month checkup-was the 1st well baby checkup I had missed:(  My mom and Brendan went though with her.  Doctor says she is super healthy and to keep up with what we are doing.  She added that if constipation is occurring to try more stone fruits (hard to find this time of year) rather than pears and apples and beans since those can stop people up.  She said to keep soy and dairy out of her and my diet until 12 months as well.  She asked how long she was sleeping at night and said that she is capable of going without a feeding at this age and weight, so we need to start spacing out her feedings so she gets accustomed to eating with longer stretches in between and this will help her sleep longer at night.  She also suggested the Ferber method, although modifying it if needed.  I have been a walking zombie of late, even stuttering over my own words in my classes...luckily my students are understanding and suggested we watch a movie instead so I could relax, they are so sweet...but no luck, it was not a movie day for them in the end! (Trust me I would have appreciated a movie at that point, but couldn't bring myself to do it).

-height-26 in
-weight-18 lbs
 (*Harper was 26.5 in and 19 lbs at this age, so pretty comparable)
-rolling around
-sleeping in the pack and play and not swaddled (though I think she still would like the swaddle)
 -sitting up without tipping over for good periods of time
-NOT sleeping through the night (though we started some "Ferberizing" this past week, so hoping that gets better
-2 bottom teeth
-eating apples, bananas, melon, prunes, beans, chicken, squashes, zucchini, blueberries

Bryn's godparents are Brendan's good friend Ed Gomes and Brendan's sister Erin.  The day of the baptism we found out that Ed's flight had been cancelled from Colorado to Fresno after a 4 hr delay, so he wasn't able to make it.  Luckily Brendan's own godfather Mike was in town for the baptism, so he stood in and we all thought that was so nice and symbolic.  She was such a trooper and no tears when the water was poured over her head. We had close family and a few friends over afterwards for a brunch hosted by my parents where lots of champagne, coffee, egg omelettes and bagels were shared.  Everyone raved over the chocolate cake my mom made, though I was sad to not be able to taste it:(  Next time!  Bryn looked ever the princess with the gown Erin's Spanish mother-in-law lent her, it is from Spain and has been used in their family for years:)  Good thing we decided to wait to put her in the dress at the church (since it was too long and puffy to fit in the car seat).  When I pulled her out to dress her in the parking lot, she had pooped everywhere, all over her onesie and in the car seat.  Bryn was in good spirits the whole morning and after a quick nap back up for some more family fun time.
Prepping in the parking lot (after the "blowout")

With Auntie "Godmother" Erin

Taking this baptism thing seriously

Baptismal fountain with Godmother Erin and "Godfather" Mike, and Fr. Robert

That Sat evening we had a bbq and board games planned since Katie and her boyfriend Jerry were in town and staying with us.  Brendan and Katie's cousin Shannon and her 2 boys came over, along a with a few friends and kids and we had a blast.  We played Cards Against Humanity for the 1st time.  At the beginning as we read the cards we were all taken a back a bit, but then the shock wore off and we were all dying of laughter.  Some bottles of wine were enjoyed and good company had:)  We also loved having Jerry here and I finally got to meet him, so glad he makes Katie happy!

We are celebrating my brother Chris and my birthdays this weekend before my parents head to Colorado for some skiing.  Tonight we are headed to an Italian restaurant in Selma, and my mother has spoken to the chef and they will be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions.  I will bring my own dairy and soy free cupcake (who knew that the gluten free bakery down the street also had dairy and soy free options too!) They will come back and my mom will have her gallbladder surgery, so we hope that all goes smoothly.

Harper is still consistently cracking us up: Harper: "Auntie Katie, guess what's for dinner?  Poop!  One poop coming right up!"  Ugh ok, thanks Harper, that sounds fantastic-lol!