Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nov/Dec '12

So November came and went and we are now sprinting (at least it feels like it) to the end of December!  At the beginning of Nov we went over to Cambria with my parents and Brendan's cousin and Harper's godmother Katie.  We had such a nice time relaxing with the ocean view, walks on the beachfront, wine tasting and a visit to Hearst Castle (Brendan had never been).  My parents were so helpful in watching Harper while we went to town to walk around, have lunch and try new things.  We decided to take Harper on the tour to Hearst Castle since he did so well in his stroller when we toured in VA and DC.  My parents stayed back that morning while we headed up, and there was a quick question of leaving Harper with them, but we decided he would like the views so he came along.  Well everything was going well until we went to get on the bus up the hill and the driver told Brendan to leave the stroller behind since they weren't allowed on the property.  We all looked at each other with horror (!) in our eyes thinking of this active little 19th month old trying to stay on the tour without a stoller strapping him in!  Needless to say Katie and I took turns taking him outside and then the staff showed us a little play room off the tour that really helped out.  After the tour was done Harper had a blast running around the gardens, ect.  That Sunday we took Brendan to a dinner in Morro Bay at The Galley. It was a wonderful dinner with great seafood and a fab mud pie! 

Harper with his puppy
Hearst Castle
The Galley

We celebrated lots of other birthdays in Nov including my Dad's on the 8th, our niece Lauren's on the 11th and Aunt Erin's on the 29th, so lots of nice birthday parties to share with family. 

Ready for pinata time

In the middle of Novemeber Brendan had a guys trip planned for SD, but Oliver's father in law became very sick and so they decided to postpone so my mom and dad volunteered to watch Harper over the weekend (and thanks Auntie Kaila, Auntie Stacie, Uncle Chris and Grampsy for lending helping hands).  Brendan and I headed down to LA and that night Katie took us out to the SOHO house (her friend is a member), and we met up with Ed.  We had a great dinner and the ambiance can't be beat.  They have a restaurant that appears to be outside on the top floor with trees and water and everything, but it really is all glassed in.  Very private to provide for the celebrity members (and yes we saw a handful, but very much the norm when we are out in Hollywood with Katie).  The best part was the cool photo booth-that was lots of fun!  Sat Brendan and I headed down to SD and met up with Ed and his girlfriend Antonella.  We had a fun time bar hopping in the gaslamp district and even found a great Spanish restaurant.  We shoud have stayed there for the evening even though we had reservations for Searsucker, which ended up a disaster because of the server, who was beyond incompetent and rude, plus the food and wine wasn't even good.  The next day's morning trip to Little Italy made up for it with the delicious coffee and bakery goods at the Sicilian restaurant Antonella treated us to.  Later that day we headed back up to LA and all of us including Katie met up that evening to go see Lincoln, which was a great movie.

Soho House, not sure why i can't flip it:(
San Diego

 Thanksgiving this year on the Tweedy's side was hosted by Erin-kuddos to her to hosting such a large event and it turned out great, lots of good food and company;)  That Sunday the Colbys gathered in Kingsburg at my parents and had another great turkey feast and also did family pictures that Brendan's father Pat so kindly took.  They turned out great except for the fact that Harper REFUSED to wear his hat...reminds of Halloween where he REFUSED to wear his Yoda outfit, so mom and dad walked around as Princess Leia and Hans Solo while Harper put on his batman cape and crocks-lol

We headed down to LA again the weekend of Dec 7th, but this time brought Harper along!  It was his first trip to Katie's house.  He did really well on the car ride thanks to the portable DVD player that the Rose Family lent us (thank you!)  That evening we went out to dinner (though can't say it was Harper's best performance;)  Afterwards we headed over to the Grove to see Santa.  Harper was so excited and was shouting out to Santa as we waited for him.  As we got closer he was waving and really happy.  He met another little girl in line, another Harper.  They were in a competition for who could yell the loudest.  At 7 and 8 on the dot the area around Santa's house sprays out snow (little bubbles) and Harper LOVED it, he had his hands up and everything:)  When we finally got up to Santa and Harper realized he was going to have to sit on Santa's lap he was def against it.  Brendan and I had to sit in on the pic with him. 

Snow time
Not so sure about this Santa guy upclose
On Sat we went with Katie to see her riding lesson and Harper got to see all the horses which he really enjoyed and was such a patient boy while Katie rode around (though we were afraid he was going to spook the horse everytime Katie came around he would scream her name). Afterwards we went to our fav breakfast spot, Le Conversacion. Harper decided not to take a nap all day (though some quick ones in the car), which is unheard of from him, but he did pretty well. Katie's friend Petra hosted their annual girls party where there is food, drinks, a gift exchange and the Victoria Secret's fashion show. Lots of fun and was able to meet some of Katie's good friends who I had heard lots about. The best part for Harper was Elle and Meika, the 3 year old girls, who took to him like glue, so he was happy as a clam. Sun morning we had breakfast with Katies parents and Alle at the Dining Car (which is another fav breakfast staple for us while in LA). Nice to see everyone since it had been a while.) The drive home was smooth.
All the girls
Elle and Meika loving on Harper
Last weekend Brendan and I both had some time to get things organized and some shopping done for the Holidays (though Brendan pretty much gets it all done online.  I need to learn that for next time, though I always say that.)  He was able to clean out the garage and organize it a lot better, though we still have way too much stuff.  We followed the weekend up with a walk down Christmas Tree Lane, it was crazy crowded but the boys (Harper, Cole and Baron) did pretty well for that long walk and enjoyed the lights and Santa.

I am finishing up the semester tomorrow unless the Mayans are right then I will be finishing up quite a lot more tomorrow:)  The semester has gone rather smoothly and my students are really pretty awesome:)  Though I am definitely looking foward to the 3 weeks off (an no haters I do not get paid when students are on vacation!)  We will spending the Holidays in town, so nice since I feel like we have been traveling quite a bit lately.  It all kicks of Dec 23rd with the Tweedys.  Looking foward to the annual paella dinner and breakfast crepes...yum yum yum.  Harper has been really fasincated with Elf on the Shelf and wants to read it everynight and looks for "Bruce" every morning.  Although he may be a little young to understand it all, he does pretty well for 20 months.  He will be so excited Christmas morning, now that he understands presents a lot better this time around.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!